Birding while I work

I’ve set up a makeshift smörgåsbord for the birds outside my 3rd story office window. All I need to do is turn my head to the right and I can see who’s visiting the 3 feeders.

picture-4.jpgI’ve got a suet feeder that currently is filled with a blueberry flavored suet mixture. The woodpeckers, starlings and even mockingbirds like that one. Until I put up other feeders by this window, Carolina chickadees, tufted titmice and white-breasted nuthatches fed upon it. I cannot directly see the suet feeder, but I’ve set up a mirror so I can see what bird is eating suet.

picture-47.jpgAbout a week ago I put up a tube feeder, filled usually with a mixture of peanuts, cracked corn, sunflower and safflower seeds. The chickadees and titmice immediately decided that was their personal favorite feeder, but competed with Red-bellied wookpeckers and house sparrows for a perch on it.

picture-56.jpgWhen I noticed that cardinals were looking forlornly at the tube feeder, I wedged a l large plastic container lid under the window and poured seed on that. The cardinals were delighted. Currently that’s the view you have on the Birdcam.

I’ve ordered a window feeder from Duncraft, so the ugly plastic container lid may be gone as soon as I get the new feeder. But perhaps not.

My husband just shakes his head.

I do get work done. Honestly!

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