Road birds

sandhill crane

A little over a month ago I drove to Illinois to visit my mother for 12 days. On the drive there I thought I saw a great blue heron flying east while I traveled west. I was probably in Ohio at the time, or maybe just into Indiana. Anyway, I took a closer look at the bird and realized that its neck was sticking out and not pulled back. I realized that I’d just seen a sandhill crane! A first for me.

golden-crowned kingletMy mom has several bird feeders around her property and it was nice to see the juncos again. We have not had juncos at our house in Maryland for years, it seems.

On Saturday, April 5th we were in Lake in the Hills and while we were waiting for the cannon to be fired I followed a small bird flitting around in the vegetation by the lake. I noticed a flash of yellow on its head and thought kinglet. Neighbors let me look at their Petersons and I confirmed it was a kinglet, but was still not sure if it was a ruby-crowned or golden-crowned kinglet. When I uploaded the washed-out photo I’d snapped, I was more sure it was a golden-crowned.

What do you think?

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